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Music Review - `Deluge Of Hurt ` by Tornado Sky (gb)

Tornado Sky- Deluge Of Hurt (click on image to watch video)

3 November 2022



Although they named their band after one of nature's most dire warnings of impending doom, the husband and wife duo Tornado Sky come across more as a mellow breeze than an out of control blowdown. Its an impressive debut for the couple, LA natives Jerry Careaga and Stephanie Gladhart. Careaga is a seasoned songwriter who has written for artists including the Bellamy Brothers( co-writer on '77's “Crossfire”) Michael Martin Murphy (co-write on '83's “Don't Count The Rainy Days,” also covered by John Conlee,) and Tommy Roe(co-writer on '87's '“Back When It Really Mattered.”) Gladhart, a relative novice to songwriting, is proving to be an insightful co-writer, often sketching the bare bones of the lyrical content.

Careaga comes across like Whispering Bill Anderson doing a George Jones impression, while Gladhart sounds like a more urban version of Dolly Parton blended with a dollop of Shania Twain.

The soundscape is hurtin' country, but nobody's killed or seriously injured from the romantic field of fire sprayed around here.

“Two Beat up Hearts” sounds like a Tammy Wynette vehicle, a bar encounter that actually comes off well for both wounded parties. Gladhart's heartsick protagonist finds herself in a downtown bar knowin' that whiskey wont set her free but willing to give it a shot to ease the pain: “Two hearts beatin' as one/workin' through the hard part/beating for a fresh start.” Gladhart shows off impressive songwriting skills and reveals some insider experience as well: “Some heartbreaks move on fast/some hang around like a ghost/ Reminding you of the things you hate about yourself the most.”

The title track uses the tornado theme , with Careaga doing his Anderson/Jones clone persona to recount what could have been a real life heartbreak situation between George and Tammy, love swept away by angry words as the whirling. destructive force, leaving only rubble in its wake.

“Am I Mighty” is Gladhart's search for self confidence: “ I'm searching every day to find me/Am I a sapling or a mighty tree?” From the sound of things here, I'd vote for the mighty tree option. Grab a branch while it's still low enough to reach and rise up with her.


Music Reviewer - Grant Britt
Grant Britt ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) has been writing about music since the earth cooled a while back. A staff writer for No Depression, his work also appears in BluesMusic Mag and the Greensboro News and Record


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