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Music Review - `Kieran Ridge & the Moonrackers ` by Kieran Ridge (gb)

Kieran Ridge and the Moonrakers -  

8 November 2021


Black   Kieran Ridge has sprung some leaks. His folky acoustic country-flavored bluegrassy old-time framework has some rock and soul leaching in as well. The Boston-based singer/songwriter/ guitarist's eponymous latest release wobbles all over the place, but in a good way, dragging rocky tendrils along as it meanders along the Americana pathway. Ridge has be en at this stuff for a while, knocking out four albums since his debut in 2003, three with the Kieran Ridge band and this latest one with the Moonrakers: Hannah Rose Baker on fiddle, Liam Dailey on banjo and mandolin, with bassist Michael Doughty and drummer Pat Hannafin.

Ridge earned his blue collar creds the hard way, working as a laborer on Boston's decades-spanning "Big Dig" bridge and tunnel project. “Three Sheets To The Wind” sounds like John Prine channeling John Mellencamp.It's an isle-hopper, shuffling from foot to foot trying to decide which direction to go. Dailey's banjo and Baker's fiddle keep it out of the rock arena, if just barely. \

“Wasted” resides and thrives in Steve Earle country, a gritty, rough and tumble invitation to bring on whatever you got at your own peril. Ridge travels into country music territory for “Last One To Know.” But the country sounds like it's located somewhere in the Middle East. This time out, Dailey's banjo is majoring in minor chords that sound plucked more from an oud than an Earl Scruggs vehicle. Although the title sounds like it might have sprung from Hank Williams tortured soul, “Your Drifting Heart” comes across as punky, muscular Mellancamp fodder. The Dylanesque “Close Your Eyes” is a rough-hewn lullaby, banjo clucking gently clucking in the background as Ridge gruffly puts this baby to bed.

Ridge's mountain top-hopping rocky travelogue digs deep in the roots to unearth some gritty treasures you can take home and enjoy.



Music Reviewer - Grant Britt
Grant Britt ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) has been writing about music since the earth cooled a while back. A staff writer for No Depression, his work also appears in BluesMusic Mag and the Greensboro News and Record


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