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Music Review - `True is Beautiful ` by Raveis Kole (gb)

Raveis Kole - True is Beautiful  (click on image to watch video)

18 August 2021



As Raveis Kole, Bellingham Washington duo Laurie Raveis on lead vocals with partner Dennis Kole on guitar and harmony vocals conjure up lush, dreamy folk rock embedded with homespun philosophies on managing life, love and world domination.

Appointing herself as the head groundskeeper in the Garden of Eden on the band's latest single, “True Is Beautiful,” Raveis rejects the serpent's suggestions and plants her own crops with seeds of truth. The presentation is very Fleetwood Mac-y, with Dennis Cole's guitar contributions as eclectic as Lindsey Buckingham's flights of fancy, Raveis channeling Stevie Nicks' swirly vocal emanations.

Former attorney Kole and Emerson College Marketing Professor Raveis forsook their previous careers for a meandering global musical stroll that produced two volumes of the Electric Blue Dandelion projects beginning in 2016, incorporating jazz, folk, reggae and rock with an eclectic array of world-class instruments and performers.

This offering from the couple is more Americana/pop oriented, a sinuous stroll as swirly as Nicks' scarves propped up by Matthew Burgess' stiff percussive backbone and Boyd LeFan's fluid bassline seasoned with John Philip Shenale's vintage synths.

Even though the duo's sound easily fills out larger concert venues, Raveis Kole perfected their output in more intimate settings, working up close and personal in house concerts, eyeball to eyeball with their audience to gauge the impact of their music. You can feel that intensity here pulling you into the Garden to swing a shovel and help out with the planting.

It's powerful stuff, testimony to what a truth-seeking gardener can accomplish if you're not afraid to get your hands dirty.



Music Reviewer - Grant Britt
Grant Britt ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) has been writing about music since the earth cooled a while back. A staff writer for No Depression, his work also appears in BluesMusic Mag and the Greensboro News and Record


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