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Music Review - `Another Sky ` by Kelly's Lot (gb)

Kelly's Lot - Another Sky  (click on image to watch video)

17 February 2021



Namesake Kelly Zirbes labels this latest output from her 26-year old outfit Kelly's Lot as folk music, but that's loosening the lasso pretty good to corral all the critters she and her cohorts are riding in this outing. This bunch keeps moving around so much it's hard to brand 'em with any one logo. You can pretty much find just about anything that walks, crawls, swims, or flies stirring around in the mix. You might as well call it world music with its blend of Latin, Irish,Tex-Mex, and whatever scraps of loosely-bound Americana they feel like adding at the moment, shaken and stirred in with gobbets of Southern rock and blues.

You expect Marty Robbins to come strollin' by on “Sleep On It,” sit underneath your balcony and serenade you on the country-style weeper with Doug Pettibone's steel sobbing alongside Rick Monroe sitting in for an impassioned Robbins impersonation on a duet with Kelly Zirbes that builds to a Meatloaf-worthy crescendo before he rolls up his bedroll and rides off into the sunset.

“Foolish Try” features some Flaco-inspired Tex-Mex with Zirbes tossing in a few stanzas in Spanish.

“Christmas is Calling” sounds like it was born by the fireside of an Irish pub. But if you want the authentic stuff, “The Irish Luck,” replete with a tin whistle solo from Aviva Maloney, will transport you to back to the auld sod.

Zirbes, guitarist/producer/songwriter Perry Robertson and multi-instrumentalist Doug Pettibone wrote all of the material, with a little help from Facebook fans. Fans tasked by Kelly help her write half of the album's 12 tracks provided her with one word for each of the six songs to start the creative process. She included herself in the contest as well by writing a song around one word of her choosing giving herself a two-hour deadline to complete the composition. But they don't let on which was which, and the material is as seamless as if it was dipped from one creative well.

“Lock Me Up” might have you wondering if the 'shrooms and Tequila you had for breakfast are kickin' in as Zirbes and company do a brain-scramblin' mash-up of snatches of the melody from '50s teen idol Ricky Nelson's “Travelin' Man” mixed in with some Los Straitjackets-style twang and surf support.

Nice mix of genres blended into a smooth cocktail that packs a punch but won't leave you hungover.



Music Reviewer - Grant Britt
Grant Britt ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) has been writing about music since the earth cooled a while back. A staff writer for No Depression, his work also appears in BluesMusic Mag and the Greensboro News and Record


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