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Music Review - `The Maze` by Ariana Gillis (dmc)

Ariana Gillis - The Maze  (click on image to watch video)

 10 July 2019



The award-winning Canadian artist—who hails from just outside Toronto—returns with her first release in eight years. Produced by Grammy-award winner Buddy Miller and David Gillis, The Maze was definitely worth the wait. Recorded live at Miller’s house in Nashville, TN, the disc is the songwriter’s third full-length; it follows To Make it Make Sense(2009) and Forget Me Not(2011). It’s not a surprise to learn the 28-year-old has some famous admirers that include Bernie Taupin (Elton John’s lyricist) and legendary producer Bob Ezrin (Lou Reed, Pink Floyd, Kiss, Peter Gabriel). After just one listens, you’ll also become enamored with Gillis. From introspective interludes (“The Maze”) to atmospheric anthems (“White Blush”), there are so many different ways the songwriter grabs you via her comforting voice and tender tunes. The collection opens with the emotional rollercoaster “Dirt Gets Dirty.” Later, fellow Canadian Colin Linden adds some nasty electric slide guitar on the dreamy “Dream Street.” One of the many highlights is: “The Feeling of Empty.” Other standouts are: “Rock it Like Fantastic” and “Slo Motion Killer.” Gillis possesses an ethereal voice and has a knack for penning songs that stick. Both traits are on full display on The Maze. Close your eyes. Listen to the songs. Listen to the voice. Dwell on each syllable. Keep your eyes closed. Listen deeper and listen longer. Only then can you fully experience the talent of this songwriter and get lost in these deeply layered and lush arrangements.


David McPherson

David McPherson - Author. The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern: A Complete History Dundurn Press (Sept. 23, 2017) 


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