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Music Review - `Til the Wheels Fall Off ` by The Bruce Smith Band (bm)

The Bruce Smith Band - Til the Wheels Fall Off  (click on image to watch video)

 23 May 2019



The Bruce Smith Band’s namesake came of age listening to classics by such artists as Buddy Holly, the inspiration behind ‘Til the Wheels Fall Off’s lead single “’59 Stratocaster.” Cross those well-worn pop influences with an affinity for such storytellers as John Hiatt and Elvis Costello, and you get an emerging artistic force in the past-honoring yet the forward-thinking world of Americana.

Some songs, such as the title track and standout cut “Longbranch Inn,” pay homage to the Texas country & Western music revered by Holly’s final touring bassist, Waylon Jennings. Likewise, “Terry the Texas Tornado” and “30 Days” amp up country instrumentation, flaunting Smith and friends’ grasp of old-time rock ‘n’ roll. Other songs, like the Bob Dylan, meets Mike Nesmith quirkiness of “Amanda and the Commander (Dance While You Got the Chance),” replace sentimentality with surrealism. All these examples overshadow “’59 Stratocaster,” a well-written story-song that lacks the added oomph that separates the wheat from the chaff.

Across each sonic twist and turn, Smith (rhythm guitar, vocals), Greg White (rhythm and lead guitar), Bryan Austin (drums), Matt Hubbard (keys, trombone, accordion, harmonica and melodica), Spencer Jarmon (lead guitar), Will Landin (bass) and Randy Caballero (piano) display equal parts skill and sincerity while sharing their own collective twist on the story of American popular music.



Bobby Moore




Bobby Moore

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