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Music Review - `Ain’t Your Momma` by Rhonda Funk (lz)

Rhonda Funk -- Ain't Your Momma   (click on image to watch )

 11 May 2021



One thing’s certain. Rhonda Funk isn’t shy about her assertive  perspective. With her descriptively titled EP, Ain’t Your Momma, she revels in both attitude and aptitude, expressing emotions that take her songs from comfort to confrontation, delving into defiance with grit and gravitas. Aided by an exceptional cast of session players, she emotes with a veracity and determination capable of soundly shutting down anyone who would question her tone and tenacity. 

Indeed, her pointed perspective is evident at the outset through the petulant put-down she shares with what seems to be a lazy lover. That blustery title track sets a tone that’s sustained through the effort overall, even though the discourse can change in mood and melody. The sole cover, a rugged take on Jon Bon Jovi’s “Whole Lot of Leavin’,” is shared as a bittersweet break-up ballad, one that expresses the regrets and remorse that come with the prospect of permanently parting ways. So too, “Liar Liar” calls out a deceitful partner whose cheating is easy to detect courtesy of credit card charges and secret texts that take place late at night. It’s evident indeed that the object of her scorn did a poor job of covering his tracks.

On the other hand, the track that precedes it, “I Could Get Used to This,” is equally emphatic, a rowdy and rollicking tune that revels in a relationship where things are obviously going according to plan. 

Other songs delve into deeper emotions by sharing some tender trappings. “More Than A Table”  offers an ode to someone whose life was clearly more than the sum of his efforts, while “Cumberland Falls” pays homage to a place that made an emphatic impression early in her life and continues to capture her affection.

Taken in tandem, this Funk’s fourth outing ably reflects the fact that she’s receiving recognition she so clearly deserves. It’s the rare artist who finds a common connection with her listeners, but given her emotive embrace, it’s fair to say that Funk succeeds.



 Lee Zimmerman


Lee Zimmerman

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