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Music Review - `Interrupted` by Renele (lz)

Renele -- Interrupted   (click on image to watch video)

 19 July 2019



Sisters Renee and Michele DiSisto capture the symmetry that only siblings can achieve, and so it’s little wonder that the handle they operate under, Renele, is, appropriately, a combination of their two first names. Both women play an essential role in the making of this new six-song EP, with Renee tackling lead vocals and Michele singing back-up and doing double duty on percussion. Producer Tom MacLear, an able artist in his own right, fills in much of the middle ground with guitars, dobro, occasional bass, mandolin and backing vocals as needed. Others add to the effort as well, among them Mark Indictor on fiddle, Billy Watts handling lead guitar, pedal steel player Dave Pearlman and drummer Larry Zack on various individual offerings.


The result is a strong set of songs in a decidedly country-rock mold, a rootsy sound that owes equal allegiance to folk, blues and, of course, the overall Americana umbrella, that identifies the larger sound which that combination ultimately entails. The comparisons to certain A-list artists are unavoidable, with Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crowe, and Susan Tedeschi coming immediately to mind. Granted, it retraces some well-surveyed terrain, but in so doing, it doesn’t diminish the craft and care with which it’s all applied. 


Not surprisingly, these rugged narratives share the perspective of women who feel the need to take a stand, whether it’s confronting an unfaithful lover or merely providing an angry retort to a man determined to take advantage. “Adios to the money/C’est la vie to the bling/Cleaning house for a while/But not out of the scene,” Renee sings on the decidedly defiant “Don’t Need To Take It Like A Man.” Other songs take a similar stand, especially as echoed through the feisty attitude unabashedly expressed in “Someone Else Is Gonna Love You,” “He Loved Me With Those Eyes” and  “If I Ain’t Broke (Don’t Try ‘N Fix Me).” Suffice it to say if today’s “Me Too” movement is ever looking for a soundtrack to accompany their dialogue, Interrupted may provide the apt anthems they can accrue for their cause. 

 Lee Zimmerman


Lee Zimmerman

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