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Music Review - `That Kinda Guy` by Mike Dekle (lz)

Mike Dekle -- That Kinda Guy    (click on image to watch video)

 13 April February 2019



Mike Dekle sings about subjects that often appear at odds. On the one hand, he tends to dwell on those magic moments when either a girl or a guy loses their virginity. Why not?  Regardless of how they’re shared in song, romantic interludes typically lead to the consummation of some sort, sometimes for the very first time. In that regard, Dekle is simply tapping into a tradition.


At the same time, Dekle also appears to be a man of deep devotion, and a firm believer in God. So while That Kinda Guy can’t be considered a gospel album per se -- after all, it does describe several secular encounters -- he isn’t shy about sharing his faith and offering his thanks for the Almighty’s oversight. The song titles are almost uniformly optimistic; “We’re Gonna Ride Again,” “Alive and Well,” High Achiever,” and “Make Your Life Go Right” exude an upbeat attitude inspired by a certain passion and perseverance. Dekle delivers a message based on reassurance and resolve, elements sorely needed in today’s troubling world.


Dekle ties these disparate subjects together through a quiet, unassuming approach that maintains a distinctly mellow tone throughout. His down-home delivery is indicative of his rural environs and despite its sometimes sugary sentiment, Dekle’s sincerity is never in doubt. He’s fortunate to have a seasoned producer at the helm in the person of John Keane, an artist in his own right who’s best known for his work with R.E.M., the Indigo Girls and Widespread Panic among the many. Dekle touts Keene’s credits in the liner notes with no small measure of pride, but even so, it’s not entirely clear what Keane’s influence might have been. It’s likely it wasn’t overly exacting, given that this is a decidedly unassuming effort. Then again, as the title suggests, Dekle himself is “that kinda guy,” and he successfully channels a very personal kinda charm throughout.




 Lee Zimmerman


Lee Zimmerman

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