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Law Enforcement Memorial, Washington, D.C. - 14 Oct 2021

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Law enforcement officers from across the United States gathered on the National Mall to remember those officers who made the ultimate sacrifice for the safety of their community. At the 33rd Annual Candlelight Vigil, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund added 394 officers to the roll call of 22,611 officers killed in the line of duty since 1786. Bearing candles and blue roses, officers and their families gathered for a reading of names of the 99 officers killed in 2021, the 295 officers killed in 2020 (including 182 COVID-related fatalities), and 99 unrecognized officers from previous years. 



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Credit: Copyright Noah Weeks ©,, @TheNoahWeeks

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Zeke Williams started off at the Bedrock Quarry with Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, then went to the Keebler Elf cookie factory, and ended up at Spacely Sprockets with George Jetson.

Later, he became a carpenter.
He is a husband, father and grandfather.
In his spare time, he tinkers with novels, short stories, flash fiction and cartooning.

He has spent a lifetime trying to be moral. 

Check out his political cartoons, click here. 

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My moment this morning after a few days of bopping around looking for links -- Qatar - ISIS - Kushner (money) - Saudi/Qatar trip (currently) -- last night "purge" of DoD staff that work on ISIS - tying up info flow to Biden.


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Music Video of the Week


James Kahn- Risin of The Seas 

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