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'A clown show': Steve Bannon lambastes DeSantis’ 'historic screwup' of a campaign launch

'A clown show': Steve Bannon lambastes DeSantis’ 'historic screwup' of a campaign launch

Steve Bannon, ex-White House chief strategist under former President Donald Trump, did not mince words regarding Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' failed presidential campaign launch Wednesday.

DeSantis "attempted to launch his 2024 presidential campaign on Twitter Spaces with Elon Musk," at 6:00 PM ET, "but failed to launch as the social media's live audio platform repeatedly crashed."

The social media launch was not only delayed but also suddenly ended after only a few minutes of running.

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Bannon took to his podcast show, War Room, to criticize the governor's failure to launch.

PatriotTakes shared an audio clip of the conservative host's rant via Twitter, writing, "Steve Bannon on Ron DeSantis' campaign launch: 'This is a historic screw up.'"

The former Trump staffer can be heard saying, "OK, we don't know if they'e coming back or not. This is a clown show. This is a clown show. If you're gonna launch, DeSantis, you gotta be — you know, you gotta launch. This is failure to launch. I don't have the — they're coming back in rooms, they're not going in rooms. We're busy people. We're 20 minutes into the show, we're 15 minutes into the show, and I'm bored already. I get Elon mumbling, right, he's on the spectrum. I got him mumbling. I got DeSantis — who knows where DeSantis is. I got David Sacks trying to tell me how 'historic' this is. This is a historic screwup."

According to The New York Times, David Sacks is "a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor," a confidant to Musk, "having worked with him as an executive in the early days of PayPal," and "also a Republican donor who gave $50,000 to Mr. DeSantis’s state political committee ahead of his re-election, campaign finance records show."

Bannon has previously criticized Musk, calling him a "'complete phony' who is bound to the restraints of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)," after the CEO tweeted he'd be "'open to the idea' of a Silicon Valley Bank acquisition."

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Listen to the clip below or at this link.

The New York Times' full report is available at this link (subscription required).

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