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The Russians Bear It Away-Grant Peeples

The Russians Bear It Away -Grant Peeples


 The Russians Bear It Away -Grant Peeples

They are clever there in the Kremlin

A polished, thuggish,math-rich street code

  has replaced the former Soviet brain trust

  that hybrid ideology

      of peasantry and revolutionary


The Cold War taught them

   the folly of a cash-pissing match

        with the Americans

 "Why does we waste

     so much bullet on snake

        we can pro-woke 

          into fang itself?"


Thus, they played fast with the US elections

   secretly sowing discord among the factions

And while they may have favored the weaker winner

   it was never really a victor they had gathered

       in their sights


No, the only real result they wished

   was ripped flesh and blood pools left

     from the spectacle of two dogs

        slung into a pit.








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