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In Defense of Donald Trump

In Defense of Donald Trump -Grant Peeples

Remember: there is a little bit of him

in every one of you

Indeed, I begat him from the whores of commerce and industry

where he was conceived in a womb of affluence

and reared in an amniotic sac of indifference

to the less fortunate

He is presently everything I could have ever imagined

Here, now, among you

Manifest in fattened flesh

and hair product

In the Beginning

I envisioned him the Great Metaphor of the human species---

A burnt-orange emblem mounted on its hot hood of destruction

And a patron saint for all your tribal afflictions:

like the compulsive need of enemy and their scalps

your brooding self worship

an incestuous cultural intrigue

and the paradox of you being able to create a brilliant symbol

but then being un-able to distinguish it from what it symbolizes

In the print shop…

your man sets the type for the counterfeiters of history

On the battlefield…

he is the absent platoon leader of jingoists, knee-jerkers

sock-counters and masked torturers who carry your flag

Obsessive, neurotic, fixated, compulsive, irrational, myopic and sociopathic

I bred him for bulk, his deformed little hands, his squint and contorted lip

And, also, for his taste

which is found right there in his profane mouth


Embrace him as the Christ that you so covet

He is yours to be your redeemer, as you see fit

I made him in your own image

Not mine







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