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Music Review - `Superman` by Jay Ryan Beretti (ea)

Jay Ryan Beretti - Superman  (click on image to watch video)

 14 April 2020



Jay Ryan Beretti is a curious cat.  His sound lands somewhere between Rockabilly, Gospel, Blues and Folk. Born in 1972, Jay is originally from Saint-Etienne, France. At the age of five he discovered Elvis Presley, and that was that, he became obsessed. By the time he was a teen, he formed his first band, The Pain Flowers, and enjoyed a bit of hometown success.

            In 1997, he was invited by Graceland to represent France and perform at an event that commemorated the  20th anniversary of Elvis’ death. Since then, he has spent most of his life on the road. He released a debut album, “Runaway Heart” in 2003, now he has returned with his new record, “Superman.”

            The ten-song set  opens with the title track, which provides a showcase for Jay’s stentorian vocals. Jay has written or co-written six of the songs here, which includes the Countrified croon of “My Life,” the mournful piano ballad “I’m Down” and the measured Soul of “Without My Baby.”

            His stand-out original cuts are “Hear My Call” and “Don’t Cry.” The former is an insistent Gospel-Soul blend powered by stately piano and stinging guitars. Lovelorn and bereft, Jay’s anguish is palpable as he pleads with a higher power to facilitate a romantic reconciliation. The latter is smooth and supple, here Jay seems to be channeling the  lachrymose charms of another ‘50s antecedent, Johnny Ray.

            His choice of covers are a bit of a mixed bag.  Just as Gary Jules drastically reconfigured the Tears For Fears song “Mad World,” Jay tackles “Lovesong” by the “Cure.” But slowing the song to a snail’s pace renders it listless and lugubrious. He has better luck re-fashioning David Guetta’s dance hit “Lovers On The Sun.” The original mixed seductive dance grooves with Spaghetti Western accents.  Jay whips the arrangement into a wild Rockabilly Rave-Up.  He also offers a cinematic take on the Roy Orbison deep cut, “Life Fades Away.”


            Jay Ryan Beretti has clearly found his niche. “Superman” displays his protean vocal style and pays homage his musical heroes. 

Music Reviewer - Eleni P. AustinEleni P. Austin - I was born into a large, loud Greek family and spent my formative years in the Los Angeles enclaves of Laurel Canyon and Los Feliz. My mother moved us to the Palm Springs area just in time for puberty and Disco.  I have spent over 40 years working in record stores, starting back in High School.

I wrote music reviews for the Desert Sun from 1983 to 1988. I began doing the same for the Coachella Valley Weekly in 2012.

I live in Palm Springs with my wife and our amazing dog, Denver. 

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