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Music Review - `Heart on Fire` by Abby Brown (ea)

Abby Brown - Heart on Fire  (click on image to watch video)

 07 October 2019



Abby Brown has been pursuing a career in music since she was a kid. First with her siblings as The Brown Sisters (they morphed into Flatiron Junction) and more recently on her own. Her debut EP, “Gypsy Soul” arrived in 2018, now she’s returned with a second EP.

The opener, “Everyday Of My Life” is sleek and propulsive, blending braided acoustic riffs and rippling mandolin over a finger-snapping’ beat. Abby’s voice has an appealing rasp that almost makes up for the paint-by-numbers melody. This song could play perfectly over a love montage in a Nicholas Sparks movie. 

“Heart On Fire” is a bit of a barn-burner.  Haunted electric riffs are  supplanted by finger-picked acoustic runs tethered to a galloping gait.  As she ponders the power of physical attraction; “It’s undeniable the chemistry we share, so where the hell do we go from here?” The melody and arrangement rev on the chorus locking into a bit of a handclap hoedown.  She also offers a tart cover of Marren Morris’ “Sugar,” which is slightly more stripped-down than the original. 

There are two versions of the title track. The first one blends plaintive acoustic note with stately piano, melancholy fiddle runs, and a kick-drum beat. Abby’s elastic vocals split the difference between Torch and Twang. The latter benefits from its bare-bones arrangement. Accompanied only by acoustic guitar allows the listener to fully concentrate on her remarkable vocals without distraction. In Abby Brown’s case, less is more.



Music Reviewer - Eleni P. AustinEleni P. Austin - I was born into a large, loud Greek family and spent my formative years in the Los Angeles enclaves of Laurel Canyon and Los Feliz. My mother moved us to the Palm Springs area just in time for puberty and Disco.  I have spent over 40 years working in record stores, starting back in High School.

I wrote music reviews for the Desert Sun from 1983 to 1988. I began doing the same for the Coachella Valley Weekly in 2012.

I live in Palm Springs with my wife and our amazing dog, Denver. 

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