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Music Review - `Same Shirt, Different Day` by Rodney Rice (jm)

Rodney Rice- Same Shirt, Different Day (click on image to watch video)

 20 August 2020



There seems to be an unspoken rule among up and coming folk/Americana musicians that they need to name check John Prine in bios, interviews and pretty much to anyone who will listen even if it’s clear from their music that they likely have never heard a Prine song before. And understandably so, Prine carved out his own category in a well-trodden genre thanks to his knack for writing witty, relatable and remarkably touching lyrics. 

Rodney Price is one of those who clearly has listened to his share of Prine record as the influence can be heard all over his latest, Same Shirt, Different Day. The opening track, “Ain’t Got A Dollar,” is a brilliant take on the struggling poor taking their chances on Trump and not seeing any improvements to their life. “It’s a Hard Life,” revisits similar themes; while the quirky “Free At Last” is a divorce celebration song that highlights the lyrical charm of Rice’s writing style; and “Pillage and Plunder” is another impressive feet of slyly inserting deep political sentiments into a seemingly classic country song. 

Meanwhile, “Can’t Get Over Here” is a decent enough song and could be a standout moment on anyone else’s record but comes off a bit uninspired lyrically in comparison to some of the songs that come before it and after it. Regardless, Same Shirt, Different Day is a stellar album from someone who clearly take’s his inspiration form one of the greats, while managing to forge his own path.    


Music Reviewer - John Moore  

John B. Moore has been covering the seemingly disparate, but surprisingly complimentary genres of Americana and punk rock for the past 20 years.

Blurt/New Noise Magazine/InSite Atlanta/NeuFutur Magazine

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