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Music Review - `Someday Soon Somehow` by Scott Fab (jm)

Scott Fab- Someday Soon Somehow  (click on image to watch video)

 24 February 2020



With his sophomore effort, Someday Soon Somehow, Detroit native Scott Fab has managed to fulfill the promise of his highly-talked about 2017 debut LP.

From the opening track, “How Is Your Heart,” Fab has stripped down the music to little more than a powerfully emotive voice and acoustic guitar, accentuating the beauty in his lyrics. His brand of minimal, no-frills modern folk fits in nicely beside fellow folkies like Ellis Paul and Patty Griffin. Impressively the songs on this album were recorded over several days, with each track recorded in a single take, a feat even seasoned musicians aren’t brave enough to undertake nowadays.

Though melancholy envelopes most of the songs off Someday Soon Somehow, with a general vibe of love, longing, and heartache, there are also hints of optimism found throughout. Likely the saddest track is the closing number, “Oh Night,” which also happens to be the most powerful song of this impressive batch. It’s a hauntingly beautiful song of loss; an imploration for a night to take away memories. Not surprisingly, the record pairs nicely with a glass of bourbon in the dark.

Coming in at nine tracks, there is not a single song here that has not earned the right to be on the record; it is trimmed of all superfluous music for a consistently solid record from start to finish. I can’t wait to see what comes next. 


Music Reviewer - John Moore  

John B. Moore has been covering the seemingly disparate, but surprisingly complimentary genres of Americana and punk rock for the past 20 years.

Blurt/New Noise Magazine/InSite Atlanta/NeuFutur Magazine

twitter @jbmoore00

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