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America, We Have Failed Our Children

One Year After Uvalde, America Is Still Plagued With Daily Gun Murders

As parents, it is our job to protect our children from harm: to teach them what is dangerous, how to be safe, and things like ‘don’t go swimming after you eat.’ All parents know these things, and instill them in their children.

Yet we are still miserable failures. And yes, I’m talking to each and every one of you American parents. And yes, I include myself in this.

We send our children off to the store, to church, to school, and what happens: they get slaughtered by a madman with a gun. This isn’t just a rare occurrence: death by guns is now the leading cause of death in children in America.

America, we have failed our children.

When our children go off to school, instead of learning that 2 + 2 = 4, or how to play kickball, they now learn ‘shooter drills.’ They learn to smear the blood of their friend, lying dead on the floor next to them, all over themselves in the hopes of surviving the madman’s brutal assault.

America, we have failed our children.

The next time you hear of another shooting at a school, or at a church, or at a synagogue, or at a playground, or anywhere else, you can rest assured that there are still millions of guns everywhere in America because we as parents failed to convince our legislators to get rid of the guns and to protect our children.

When your child’s biggest fear isn’t failing history but is becoming history — just one more agonizing crime statistic about murder in America — understand that you and I played a part in letting that happen.

America, we have failed our children.

And not just from the nut with the gun, but we have also failed to protect them from the lying politicians whose favorite thing to do is tell us the problem isn’t the gun, but is something else.

America, We Have Failed Our ChildrenA since deleted tweet from gun manufacturer, Daniel Defense, posted the day the Uvalde shooter bought his AR-15.

America, we have failed our children.

Every time we allow these monsters to use the Bible to promote putting guns in the hands of our babies!

America, we have failed our children when we permit a small group of wealthy, white men to tell us that in order to protect our children we need more guns.

Unlike those Americans from the past who stood up and fought against what was wrong in this nation — in order to try to fix it — we have a generation of parents today who seemingly won’t stand up and fight to protect their own children. They will simply throw up their hands, and try to find someone to blame.

Blame the NRA.
Blame the GOP.
Blame the U.S Senate.

But the truth hurts: the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of every voting American parent who doesn’t use that right as an American citizen to bring this all to an end.

End gun violence: get rid of the guns. All of them. All 400 million guns.

No other nation on Earth has the gun violence deaths America does.

America, We Have Failed Our Children American parents, this is on you: it is time to use your power to change this nation, just as change has come before — through the ballot box. The people of this nation have used their vote to change this nation before: from ending slavery to giving women the right to vote, to so many other crucial issues, Americans have recognized the importance of making historic changes when necessary. It is past the time to get rid of the guns, far past the time, but that can only happen if parents unite.

Parents, you have the right to vote out every member of the Republican Party who has blocked any sensible gun legislation for decades. Vote out the GOP at every level of government: federal, state, local, governor races — any and all.

A vote for a Republican is a vote against your child’s life.

There is only one solution to the gun violence problem in America.

The parents in America must begin to be parents again, working with each breath to protect, care for, and to love their children. Do not let the politicians decide what is right or wrong on this issue: greed dictates their decisions.

America, We Have Failed Our ChildrenAbel Lopez, right, father of Xavier Lopez who was killed in the shootings in Uvalde. Photo: AP/Eric Gray

America, it is time we stand up for our children. We have the collective power to end all gun murders in this nation.

If you’re not prepared to fight for your child, are you prepared to bury them?


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