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Music Review - `Get Together` by Henrietta Swan (dmc)

Henrietta Swan - Get Together  (click on image to watch video)

 03 October 2019



“Get Together,” the title track to Henrietta Swan’s project, is one of those truly evergreen songs.  Written in the mid-1960s by Chet Powers, it became both an anthem and a hit song for The Youngbloods in 1967. The song is always relevant because most every generation struggles to love one another, in the spiritual sense. These days, one side of a political or social issue is quick to call anyone that disagrees with their position ‘a hater.’ As the song says, though, “Come on people, now/Smile on your brother/Everybody get together try to love one another right now.” The group Henrietta Swan’s version applies a gypsy-folk approach, instead of the original’s jangle-rock sound. Lead vocalist Lauren Shera sings its words with gentle vulnerability. Luke Bulla especially gypsy-fies the track with a warm fiddle solo. The recording also includes empathetic mandolin throughout.
Shera reveals multiple sides to her vocal personality, as the closing “Unfold” finds her singing in a lower vibrato, which gives her tone a welcome Stevie Nicks-like quality. The music bed she sings over also has a bit of a 1970s Fleetwood Mac vibe running through it. One titled “Odessa” expresses a dark moodiness, while “Road To Hell” is Henrietta Swan at its most rocking state. Nevertheless, Bulla also adds fiddle to this electric guitar-driven track, which leaves plenty of folk music in this band’s rock & roll. 
It’s doubtful Henrietta’s cover of “Come Together” is finally going to bring the world together in symbiotic love. Still, it’s heartening to hear this song of love and this collection of warmly eclectic songs.



David McPherson

David McPherson - Author. The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern: A Complete History Dundurn Press (Sept. 23, 2017) 


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