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Music Review - `Get Together ` by Henrietta Swan (bm)

Henrietta Swan - Get Together  (click on image to watch video)

 11 October 2019



Henrietta Swan is quite possibly the only Americana band named after an astronomer. And not surprising, their sound is equally unique. A mix of Americana and folk with classic rock guitar leads, this latest four-song collection from the group is a great intro to the band. 

Comprised of two covers and two originals, this latest effort opens up with a stunning reworking of Chris Rea’s “The Road To Hell,” complete with the sounds of a foreboding thundering sky. Singer Lauren Shera Levine channels the intensity of Cowboy Junkies’ Margo Timmins sublimely. “The Road To Hell” is followed by the oft-covered “Get Together.” Despite countless reworkings of this Chet Powers traditional, the band manages to make it their own, thanks in part to the beautiful fiddle and mandolin parts.

But the two standouts here are the originals, “Odessa” and “Unfold”. The two covers seem urgently appropriate given the current political times we are living in, but it’s these last two originals that prove the band is so much more than just a solid folk-rock jukebox. The strong lyrics lay perfectly over lush arrangements that pull in talent from across the globe, including The Waterboys’ organist Brother Paul Brown. 

The band itself is spaced out across the country, collaborating on music online and eventually in person. A surprising insight into the group considering just how cohesive the sound is here on each and every track. This four-song collection is a strong promise of what’s to come and almost begs for a full-length album to prove it. 




Bobby Moore




Bobby Moore





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