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Music Review - `Deluge of Hurt` by Tornado Sky (lz)

Tornado Sky — Deluge of Hurt   (click on image to watch )

 10 October 2022



Jerry Careaga and Stephanie Gladhart can each claim to possess plenty of experience and expertise as far as their songwriting is concerned. They’ve been collaborating for the past twenty years, each having developed a proficiency for performing original material at a remarkably early age.

Nevertheless, while Careaga has had a successful career as a recording artist and award-winning songwriter, Deluge of Hurt represents Gladhart’s first attempt at asserting herself as a writer and recording artist. Consequently, the pair’s debut disc, Deluge of Hurt, represents a dynamic new beginning, affirming the fact that this effort was ultimately long overdue. It’s a surprisingly strong set of songs for an introductory offering, one which reflects a keen combination of insight and emotion. The songs resonate from a personal perspective, and it’s that intellect and awareness that instill these offerings with an impactful presence throughout. Aided by an expert backing band, Careaga and Gladhart successfully establish themselves as a formidable duo, one capable of creating nuanced narratives from striking scenarios that are as affecting as they are expressive. 

Examples of those qualities can be found throughout, beginning with the earnest and engaging title track.  There are numerous other examples as well — the tender and touching “Red Cloud Road,” the sentiment and sincerity given in “Go,” the decidedly down-home demeanor underscoring “Am I Mighty,” the quiet croon wafting through “Blow Me Away,” and, ultimately, the wistful and reflective narrative “Maybe It’ll All Come Back To Me.” Through it all, Careaga and Gladhart literally inhabit these songs. The resilient refrain that echoed in “Somebody’s Looking Out For Me” offers a measure of both reassurance and resignation that affected each after a series of troubles and travails.

It’s certainly unusual to find such an astute offering in a first-time outing, but in this particular case, Tornado Sky has exceeded expectations. Deluge of Hurt is an auspicious introduction, and one that bodes well for all that may be yet to come.


 Lee Zimmerman


Lee Zimmerman

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