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Music Review - `Flight Risk` by Shoebox Letters (lz)

Shoebox Letters -- Flight Risk   (click on image to watch )

 29 April 2022



It’s worth noting that Shoebox Letters may be one of the most under-rated outfits in the entire Americana universe. Granted, their name offers no indication of what they have to offer, but given the opportunity to delve in deeper, it becomes clear that their melodic charms more than make up for whatever false impression they may offer at the outset.

For starters, the man at the helm — vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Dennis Winslow — is a decidedly astute songwriter. A listen to their latest effort, a six song EP titled Flight Risk, makes that fact absolutely apparent. For starters, his songs offer instant attraction, as if they’ve been floating in the ether forever. So too, they capture certain sentiments common to all, whether dealing with the challenges of sustaining romance or simply maintaining one’s own bearings in a topsy-turvy world. 

None of that would matter if the melodies weren’t effortlessly accessible, and indeed, they’re seemingly timeless in both tone and treatment. They’re so ably executed in fact, one could assume they’re not only radio-ready, but already part of a playlist somewhere on a far horizon. 

Ultimately then, one can only conclude that it’s long past time Shoebox Letters gained the greater awareness they so assuredly deserve. The latest in a steady succession of excellent outings, it’s apparent that with a little luck, Flight Risk could be cleared for takeoff.


 Lee Zimmerman


Lee Zimmerman

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