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Music Review - 'Midnight Rain & Roses` by Luanne Hunt (lz)

Luanne Hunt -- Midnight Rain & Roses   (click on image to watch )

 3 March 2022



Luanne Hunt has somehow escaped wider notice, but the fact that she’s a three-time Grammy nominee with 20 albums and some 17 number one independent hits to her credit speaks more to the public’s lack of awareness that it does to any detail of her talents and ability. With a new album, Portraits in Song, she mines a template that crosses the transom from country and Americana to her own nu-folk finesse. 

The lead single from that album, “Midnight Rain & Roses,” effectively sums up her strengths, courtesy of its mesmerizing melody, cerebral suggestion and a sultry sound that has it coming across as captivating and compelling. Critics have likened it to classic Fleetwood Mac, with a hint of Tom Petty, but clearly it’s much more. 

Indeed, mere comparisons don’t necessarily do her justice. Given its darker designs and fluid finesse, it reflects a sound that’s deeply ingrained in a modern musical motif. That’s not surprising, especially given a career that stretches across the span of some 27 years and a collection of kudos that includes her 2016 induction into the Independent Superstars Hall of Fame, six American Songwriting Awards and three CD of the Year awards from the National Traditional Country Music Association.


Ultimately, it’s the song itself that’s a standout and a nice prelude piece for the album itself. Hopefully, it will be the teaser that’s needed to open the door towards the wider recognition that’s long overdue. As for the tone and temperament of the song itself, while it may seem somewhat dark, there’s one thing well worth remembering.  Any midnight rain inevitably helps the roses to bloom. 

 Lee Zimmerman


Lee Zimmerman

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