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Music Review - `Overdue` by Severin Browne (lz)

Severin Browne -- Overdue  (click on image to watch )

 19 May 2021



For starters, it’s best to clear the elephant out of the room. Yes, it’s no coincidence that Severin Browne shares the same last name as one Jackson Browne. The two are, in fact, brothers, with Jackson being the older of the two. Yet, there’s little commonality that connects the two, at least as far as their music is concerned.  Wisely, Severin has chosen to follow his own muse without leaning on his brother’s fame or notoriety. It’s a a credit to his credence that he’s pursued his own sound throughout a career that now spans the better part of five decades. 

His pursuits began with a stint as a songwriter and subsequently a recording artist for Motown Records when he was 21, and they continued over the course of several albums, the most recent of which, Lucky Man — A Songwriter’s Notebook — was released in 2012.

After nine years, his new album, the aptly-titled Overdue, clearly lives up to its name. 

Those who expect some sort of reflection of his older brother’s sobering sentiments will likely be surprised by the upbeat accessibility that characterizes each of these entries, from the vibrant tone of “Young and Free” and the steady stride of “Fukushima Sunset “ to the tender trappings of the title track and the heartfelt narrative shared with “Miguel and Maria,” a tale of two immigrants desperate to find refuge in what was once deemed America’s promised land. 

Browne himself was responsible for writing all the songs, and given the arrangements provided by a skilled cast of supporting musicians, each is clearly radio-ready for any programmer that might care to take note. This is music that adheres to a finely tuned template, one that combines affability and intellect in equal proportion.

That said, some might find it surprising that Browne has yet to reap the recognition that seems to have evaded him up until now. After all, while it might not seem appropriate comparing him to his big brother, it’s certainly safe to say that he’s a solid talent entirely on his own. If skill and substance are the standard for success, then indeed Browne’s time is indeed long overdue.


 Lee Zimmerman


Lee Zimmerman

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