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Music Review - `Locked Down and Loaded` by Dallas Moore (lz)

Dallas Moore -- Locked Down & Loaded   (click on image to watch video)

 18 July 2020



“I’m sorting it out with my old friend Jim Beam,” Dallas Moore insists on his newly released single “Locked Down and Loaded,” sharing the sentiments many are dealing with in this age of isolation and social distancing. Moore’s gritty growl of a vocal reflects a wizened approach to the pandemic predicament, opting for reflection rather than rebellion, acceptance over insurgence. The song moves at a steady pace, accompanied by the sole, steady and sturdy strum of acoustic guitar and a somewhat edgy attitude. Moore makes it clear that he regrets the inability to go out and party with his pals (“I miss the good time with all my good friends, I’ll sure be glad when this quarantine ends”), but he accepts it as it is what it is, a sad situation that requires patience and perseverance.

Even so, the song — the initial offering from Moore’s upcoming Quarantine Sessions EP —is particularly powerful given the fact that Moore, like so many other artists, has been deprived of his livelihood as live performances are, for the moment anyway, a thing the past. It’s especially worrisome for a veteran performer who’s tallied 337 shows a year and spends most of his time on the road, doing so simply to support his young family. Ultimately then, the song makes one message especially clear: While Jim Beam won’t pay the rent, it does offer cause simply to vent.


 Lee Zimmerman


Lee Zimmerman

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