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Music Review - `Someday Soon Somehow` by Scott Fab (lz)

Scott Fab -- Someday Soon Somehow   (click on image to watch video)

 25 February 2020



Singer/songwriter Scott Fab makes no grand pretensions or projects any oversized ambitions with his modestly titled sophomore set Someday Soon Somehow. A collection of nine songs that find Fab accompanying himself solo solely on acoustic guitar, it’s a lovely, lilting and endearing encounter, songs of circumspect, sentiment and sobriety sang to a distant muse with eloquence and intelligence.

Granted, it’s no easy task trying to hold an audience within such spare settings. Like Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen, Fab makes no excuse for his airs of melancholia, yearning, and desperation. Songs such as “The Time of Our Lives,” “Rain,” “How Is Your Heart” and the title track convey the tangled passion of an artist unafraid to bare his emotions and share them both freely and fearlessly. Wholly expressive to an exceptional degree, each of these entries provides a gateway to a sensitive soul.

Given his skills, it’s little wonder then that Fab made such an indelible initial impression in such a relatively short time. His debut album, 2017’s Leave My Friends, won raves from those critics who heard it and eventually landed him a placement at such prominent venues as Folk Alliance and the Kerrville Folk Festival, where his appearance led him to become a finalist in the Kerrville competition.

Still, any follow-up effort can be a challenge, given that a debut album is the culmination of a lifetime of accumulating craft and creativity while a second effort is a forced task within a limited time frame. Nevertheless, Fab apparently wasted no time getting to the task at hand. Someday Soon Somehow found him gathering a collection of songs he had frequently performed in concert and then recording them over a few days in a single take direct to disc. The intimacy and expression complement each other to maximize the effect, forging a sound that betrays a few frayed ends while also retaining a crispness and clarity all at the same time.


In retrospect, Someday Soon Somehow provides the ultimate Sunday morning listening experience, a chance for rumination and respite not only from the night, before but, more importantly, from the complicated demands and desires that accompany life itself. Someday Soon Somehow couldn’t have come soon enough…


 Lee Zimmerman


Lee Zimmerman

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