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Music Review - `Heart on Fire` by Abby Brown (lz)

Abby Brown -- Heart on Fire   (click on image to watch video)

 11 October 2019



Some artists sacrifice for their art. Abby Brown has done much more. She’s literally overcome the many obstacles that stood in her way, not only to create it but to embrace it as well. Born prematurely, suffering from congenital hearing loss and having to ordeal any number of spinal surgeries before the age of 11, she clung to her dream of making music and never let her challenges deter her determination. It was so fierce in fact that she began performing professionally at age seven in her hometown of Boston, making her name as a solo artist as well as part of a sister ensemble known as Flatiron Junction.

Brown’s sophomore set Heart of Fire reflects the robust enthusiasm she still retains for her craft, courtesy of five songs recorded in Nashville with some of the city’s finest. A follow-up to her critically acclaimed debut, Gypsy Soul -- the effort that brought her to the attention of the Pure Music Nashville record label -- it’s flush with a joyful, celebratory sound, one that resonates from the first song to the last. An effusive cover of Maren Morris’ “Sugar” provides but one highlight, but Brown’s own offerings, especially the upbeat “Every Day of My Life” and the feisty title track are equally infectious. Even when she opts for a reflective respite in the form of the plaintive plea “Love, Release Me” (reprised at the EP’s conclusion in an unplugged version), the music remains as compelling and convincing as always.

It’s tempting to hold this effort up as an example of Brown’s passion and perseverance, but in fact, no added explanation is needed. Brown is a talented singer and songwriter, and her abilities speak for themselves. She deserves kudos for her persistence of course, but again, it’s the music that matters. With Hearts on Fire, her dedication and devotion to that expressed intent fully comes through


 Lee Zimmerman


Lee Zimmerman

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