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Music Review - `Get Together` by Henrietta Swan (lz)

Henrietta Swan -- Get Together   (click on image to watch video)

 7 October 2019



Lest there be no mistake, Henrietta Swan is the name of an ad hoc combo, not any individual in particular. Much like Jethro Tull or Pink Floyd, the band took its handle from a historic figure, real and not imagined -- in this case, an American astronomer who discovered the connection between period and luminosity as seen through pulsating stars. Granted, that’s not an easy concept to comprehend, but the band more than makeup for any scientific circumspect via a four song EP that’s both easy and accessible. The fact that Henrietta Swan is also a virtual band, one composed of contributors from various parts of the country who connect mostly on the internet, offers cause for distinction and its own mystique as well.

The recording’s highlight is, of course, the title track, an expressive take on the Youngblood’s signature song, which now functions as a beckoning call for unity in an increasingly fractured world. While the original version underscored the peace and love vibe of the late sixties, it now unfurls as a much more passionate plea, given today’s severe circumstances. Still, there’s no undue alarm was given the group’s amiable approach. On the other hand, a rousing reprise of Chris Rea’s “The Road to Hell” and the earnest yet assertive original “Unfold” add some energy to the mellower musings of the title track as well as to the smooth and shimmering glide of “Odessa.” So although it’s limited in its offerings, Get Together finds this tightly-knit ensemble -- Lauren Shera Levine (vocals), Paul Brown (keys and synths), Marc Davison (guitars), Gary Gladson (guitars, bass), John Heithaus (bass), and Pete Young (drums and percussion) -- offers an abbreviated sampling of their proficient prowess. 


Consequently, until further offerings come our way, Get Together demonstrates the musicians’ ability to do exactly what the title track suggests, even in spite of their disparate environs. Astute advice for our times, Get Together transforms promise into practice. 


 Lee Zimmerman


Lee Zimmerman

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