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Music Review - `The Long Road Home` by Kevin Deal (lz)

Kevin Deal -- The Long Road Home    (click on image to watch video)

11 April 2019



Kevin Deal is what most people would describe as a multi-tasker. Over the course of a 25 year career, he’s managed to integrate his musical pursuits -- as represented by the nine albums he’s recorded thus far -- with any number of other obligations, including his ongoing efforts as a family man, stoneworker and member of the Weston. Texas Volunteer fire department and city council. That’s admirable of course, but it may be one reason why Deal’s musical offerings have remained well below the radar, even though he has nine exceptional albums to his credit.


Still, there’s always reason to hope that Deal’s efforts will finally reap him the attention he so decidedly deserves. Indeed, with a venerable producer like Lloyd Maines at the helm, that lack of recognition is all but inexplicable. Hopefully, though, Deal’s wonderful new record, The Long Road Home, will finally offer him the recognition he’s long deserved. Those seeking reliable comparisons would best be advised to reference Steve Earle, Guy Clark or Townes Van Zandt, and indeed, on songs such as “Reckoning,” “The Long Road Home” and “My Heart,” he shares a tattered perspective that comes across as rugged, determined and soaked in sentiment all at the same time. Both tender and tenacious, Deal’s a superb songwriter, but even when he covers such standards as “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” and “”Ring of Fire,” he exudes resilience and conviction that easily equal the originals.

Graced by an A list support crew -- one that includes not only Maines on guitars and pedal steel but also Richard Bowden on fiddle and Terri Hendrix on harmony vocals -- The Long Road Home finds Deal demonstrating the fact that he’s a top tier Americana artist who needs not take secondary standing to anyone. Indeed, this particular journey is one well worth following. 


 Lee Zimmerman


Lee Zimmerman






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