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Music Review - `1000 Horses` by Bruce Smith (lz)

Bruce Smith — 1000 Horses (click on image to watch )

 8 May 2023



 Bruce Smith can claim a credible career, courtesy of several albums, a pair of EPs, a series of successful singles and live appearances that have endeared him to audiences in his native Texas and well beyond. Nevertheless, his latest album, 1000 Horses, is a generally unassuming effort, one that puts the focus on an upbeat and effusive approach, one that results in a sweeping sound that fully permeates the majority of its offerings.

Not surprisingly then, the majority of the album maintains that combination of energy and exhilaration. The rockabilly-like revelry shared through the sass and sizzle of "Campbellton" sets the tone, followed by the somewhat breezy sweep of Satan, the robust rock and roll fueled by "See You in the Movies" and "Don't Forget to Look Up" and the cheeriness and charm of "Everything I Need" in particular. It’s a cheery combination, giving the album a good time feel that’s both effusive and enthused.

That said, the song that sums the sentiment up most succinctly is the one that comes at the album’s conclusion, a track that’s tellingly titled "Late Night DJ"  It name-checks any number of classic tunes from decades past, and in so doing, shares an optimism and exuberance that’s flush with both passion and purpose. 

Granted, Smith doesn't necessarily pierce any parameters, but clearly that wasn't his intent. 1000 Horses comes across as an exercise in full upbeat indulgence, and in that regard, it's one heck of a celebratory stampede.

Lee Zimmerman


Lee Zimmerman

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