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Music Review - `Someday Soon Somehow` by Scott Fab (jh)

Scott Fab -  Someday Soon Somehow (click on image to watch video)

13 March  2020 


Few are as brave as Scott Fab, recording a solo album with just voice and guitar in single takes. As a follow-up to his acclaimed 2017 debut, Leave My Friends, he recorded Someday Soon Somehow in an analog direct to tape performance over a couple of days during the summer of 2019. Leveraging his selection as a Kerrville New Folk Finalist, and strong impressions at Folk Alliance showcases over the past few years, this collection represents these nine, his most often performed solo pieces. 

These kinds of albums are rare. We think of Patty Griffin’s demo take – like Living with Ghosts or some of the work of Ellis Paul, or even David Bromberg, although the Fab’s emphasis is clearly on lyrics, not picking. Yet, as tempting as it might be to lump Fab in with Americana names, he is pure folk music. This is as simple and straightforward as it gets. It may not bring a smile to your face as it’s mostly melancholy discourse on love (“How Is Your Heart.” “Place in Your Heart”), yearning (“Fancy Clothes”), and broken relationships (“Broken Branch”). Every so often a glimmer of hope appears such as in the title track which glides right along and “This Time of Our Lives” which is more even-keeled. Some like “Rain” will have the listener hanging on every word and in admiration of Fab delivering such a heartfelt tune in one fell swoop. 

He does sound positively enraptured in love in “Place in Your Heart” and then takes the opposite route, singing about a loss in the potent closer, “Oh Night,” imploring the darkness to erase a series of bad memories. Sit back with a glass of wine. Dim the lights. Go it alone and listen to each word. If even if it doesn’t make you feel better, you’ll appreciate Fab’s songcraft.




Jim Hynes



Jim Hynes is an independent contributor on music for several magazines, including Elmore and Country Standard Time. He has also written for Variety. He was a listener-supported public station(s) radio host for 25 years in CT, MI, NJ and PA. He is also a Live music host/Emcee at several national and regional venues.

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