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Dear Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood



Dear Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

As a transgender atheist, I wish to wholeheartedly thank you for The Nashville Statement. This is a generous if unintended gift, and I feel I must express my thanks publicly. Especially since you don’t seem like the types to answer a nice handwritten note, especially when it comes from one of those people you’re demonizing.

I believe a secular society is a better society, and in the long run the Nashville Statement will give us just that. You’ve drawn a line in the sand that’s a bridge too far, and it will come back to haunt you. The CBMW and the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) has declared themselves the sole arbiters of sexual morality, and declared everyone who disagrees with them heretics.


Declaring that not only are all LGBT people non-Christians, but so are all those who support them is the sort of counter-productive factionalism that usually signals the end of a movement as it spirals down to bickering about whether the Judean People’s Front or the People’s Front of Judea are the real splitters.

This sort of hard line would generally be a risky tactic at the best of times, but in this case, it’s a demographic suicide note. Religions still must function as part of the culture they draw their members from. You have decided that you will only draw from a pool of people whose average age is rapidly approaching “dead.”

In this case, 80% of Americans know someone who is lesbian or gay. 30% know a transgender person, which is almost four times as many as a decade ago. About two-thirds now supports same sex marriage. 74% of millennials support same sex marriage, and 20% identify somewhere on the LGBT spectrum. One-in-five have changed their minds on LGBT issues in the past few years. 72% of Americans believe workplace discrimination against LGBT people should be illegal.

And yet, here you are demanding that people reject their friends and family who are LGBT, and embrace a version of religion that’s increasingly isolated from the rest of our culture. You’re demanding that people should ostracize transgender co-workers and colleagues by refusing to treat them the way they would want to be treated. You’re toeing right up to the line that parents should embrace the idea that it is better to have a dead child than a transgender one.

Is it any wonder that you’re hemorrhaging membership among young people? Is it any wonder that parents of LGBT youth who belonged to your churches are deciding they love their children more than they love your dogma? They’re leaving in droves, and a third of them say it is because of how churches treat LGBT people. Unlike 50 years ago, there’s much less societal pressure to attend church unless you’re in some town that resembles the back lot from “Deliverance.”

You’re cementing your reputation among people under 30 as ignorant, hateful, bigoted, out of touch, Trump supporting yokels. The odds of them ever coming back grow dimmer by the second, especially as they have kids and remember the harm you’ve done. What if one of their kids turns out to be LGBT? Are you going to urge their parents to send them to ex-gay concentration camps in the Dominican Republic? Or maybe just advise parents to sign away their rights to people who will torture the gay right out of them?

For people who so vehemently oppose all forms of abortion, you sure have a weird way of showing how much you value the lives of all children.

Which brings me to the inherent hypocrisy of the Nashville Statement. You swear up and down that all sexual sins are equal, and you included sex before marriage in your little list of sexy no-nos as proof. This might be plausible if you were kicking unwed teen mothers out of your churches, or urging parents to cast their children into the streets for pre-marital sex. It might be believable if you cast out the parents of everyone who had sex before marriage. It would be more plausible if you were filing bills targeting people who have sex outside of marriage as often as you target LGBT people.

But we all know you don’t. And we’re going to hammer you with your own obvious hypocrisy.

You have just handed me and all my secular friends an easy rhetorical tool that highlights how you’re lying hypocrites, and proof positive of the intellectual contortions you went through to hide your animus towards LGBT people.

You’re rapidly approaching the social equivalence of your super-racist grandma who thinks there’s “too many negroes on TV these days.” You might even set things back for several decades based on your infiltration of this embarrassment of a White House. But culture is changing. And straight people will keep on having LGBT children, even if you exterminated all of us today. In 50 years, you’ll be remembered as the Bull Connors of our era. In 150 years, you’ll be the cultural moustache twirling caricatures of evil and stupidity.

With the Nashville Statement, you’ve accelerated this process. In the short run, a lot of LGBT people will suffer for what you’ve done. But your end will come all the sooner as a result, and history will judge you even more harshly for it. You’ve handed us the tools to bring you and your religious zealotry down even faster than it would otherwise, like breaking the Enigma Code.

So, for all of us who hoped to live to see your movement crash and burn, thank you. You just brought one of the top items on my bucket list that much closer to being realized.

Yours Truly,

Jessica Earhart

Written by:  Jessica Earhart - "Queer woman with a flamethrower." 

Posted:  10 September 2017

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