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No Sympathy for the Devil

Nicholas Powers - The Independent

Photo - Nicholas Powers/The Independent 

There have been a number of calls for “elitist” progressives like me to show some sympathy for Trump voters. They say we should to try to understand them, and for the Democratic Party to throw queers to the wolves, and embrace language that Trump voters understand, in order to make room for good ole’, salt of the earth Americans in Middle-America.

To which I say:






I understand exactly who Trump voters are, and what motivates them. It’s not that they’re poor, down on their luck Americans left behind by the economy. Quite the opposite: the average Trump voter is significantly better off than the average American, and they’re even better off than the average Republican . After decades of declining social mobility, most of what middle-class wealth is left has accreted with baby-boomers, who overwhelmingly voted for the Tangerine Terror.

The people who voted for him are idiots, assholes, or one-percenters.

The idiots voted for him because they hate the government, after decades of Fox News indoctrination telling them how terrible government is, and how much better off we would be if large swathes of the Federal Government ceased to function. It never actually occurred to them what the consequences of a non-functional government would be. How gutting the EPA means more disasters like Flint. How gutting HHS, “Obamacare” and Planned Parenthood means sicker people, higher health care costs, and a more poverty. They have no idea how a crippled and ineffectual State Department degrades American power far more than keeping military funding levels where they’re at.

They have no idea that most regulations are written in blood; that they were put in place as a result of something going terribly, terribly wrong. Like Flint, or the housing bubble that produced the Great Recession.

The idiots who voted for Trump are unwitting members of the Dunning-Kruger club, where the first rule of the club is that you don’t know you’re in it. They assume that they, and the incompetents put in charge of government agencies by Trump (e.g. DeVos, Carson), will make things better simply because they know nothing about the functions they are in charge of. It’s the same sort of magical thinking that would lead one to conclude that they should re-decorate their house with a flame thrower because the molecules in the room *might* rearrange themselves in a more aesthetically pleasing way if exposed to napalm.

While they don’t know they’re avatars of the Dunning-Krueger effect, they would embrace it whole heartedly if they did. Fifty-Eight percent of Republicans think that higher education is ruining America. Deliberate ignorance is the defining feature of the administrations supporters. The vast majority do not believe anything they hear or read about the connections between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government.

They cannot be told anything. They will not learn, they will not look at data provided by actual experts. They just know better because their dogma says so, regardless of the consequences or who it hurts. Even if their dogma ends up killing their grandchildren and great-grandchildren as global warming destroys American agriculture, and renders much of the Earth uninhabitable. Because Der Gropenführer and Fox News told them scientists are liars and it’s all a Chinese hoax.

Which brings me to the assholes.

There are a lot of Trump voters who hate Muslims, blacks, Latinos, immigrants, gays, feminists, and transgender people. When you scratch the surface with just about any of them, the truth rapidly comes out that they live in an induced terror of Muslims and immigrants. Trump’s language during the campaign was a dog-whistle to all of them. The alt-right, Neo-Nazis, the Klan, and religious zealots bent on wiping out queer people all love the Donald. He promised them what they wanted more than anything else: revenge and destruction aimed at the people they hate.

They want an unaccountable police force to brutalize brown people. They want ICE raids to tear screaming babes from their mothers’ arms, and to arrest bewildered teens whose only crime was to live with their parents. They want to see queer people sent back to Syria and Chechnya where they will receive the horrific deaths they so deserve. They want to witness it all on Fox News and emotionally gloat, “good riddance.”

A plurality of Trump voters would support Trump even if he literally shot someone to death in broad daylight in public. Most support letting the Russians interfere with US elections as long as it benefits their agenda; for years the right wing has looked to Russia’s destruction of the LGBT community as a sign of moral and governmental strength. They do so even now even as the Russian government supports the mass executions of gay men in Chechnya. There is little doubt they would cheer on the US government if it chose to do the same here.

Hate crimes have shot up, and a large percentage of them came with some variation of the words, “You live in Trump country now.” They are incapable of empathy. They are incapable of being anything but the hateful, radical nut jobs we see. As a queer person, when I look across the table at the Family Research Council, the Alliance Defending Freedom, and the Liberty Counsel, I see the block of Trump voters whose non-negotiable position is that me, my wife, and our little queer family needs to disappear permanently. These same groups are well represented in Trump’s appointments to various agencies like Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice.

They, and the alt-right, want to create a legal and cultural environment where our only choice is to self-deport to the closet or flee to Canada.

For the good of humanity, of course.

These are not people to be empathized or negotiated with. My basic human rights, my marriage, and my dignity are not a bargaining chip. These are not people to have a Heineken with. They are fucking Nazis trying to institute modern day Nuremberg Laws aimed squarely at me and my family.

You don’t negotiate with genocidal assholes. You don’t put human rights on the bargaining table with said genocidal assholes. You don’t spend the mental effort of empathizing with people who are trying to wipe you out because they see you as sub-human.

You literally or metaphorically bomb the fuckers into concrete rubble and hang their leaders after their unconditional surrender. You make sure whatever is left of them never comes anywhere near political power ever again.

But who really ends up in power? Certainly not the cabinet heads who gut their agencies and deprive them of their core missions. They are like kings of cities obliterated by nuclear war; their subjects shadows on the walls of empty cubicles.

The real winners who backed Trump are the one-percenters. Anywhere finance is involved, his cabinet consists of people dedicated to making sure the rich get richer and the poor don’t have a prayer of being anything but slaves to their corporate masters. Whether it’s eliminating Dodd-Frank, environmental laws. Net Neutrality, information privacy, slave labor in for profit prisons, using consumers as involuntary human guinea pigs for drug manufacturers, the Trump administration is slavishly beholden to corporate profits at the expense of the American public. The cabinet members who aren’t actively gutting their agencies are Goldman-Sachs executives and industry leaders, akin to the Krupps and Junkers who paved the way for the depredations of the idiots and assholes the last time around.

The narrative that Democrats should embrace narratives that appeal to Trump’s base is a trap baited with strychnine. They can easily win without flipping a single Trump vote. Forty-five percent of eligible voters stayed home, and only 25% of cast their ballot for Trump.

The idea that Democrats have no message that can appeal to the public is bullshit as well. Millennials are the first generation in America where more than half are worse off than their parents. The narrative that we must address economic inequality and lack of opportunity due to a rigged system made a septuagenarian socialist senator the most popular politician in the country. Not only does this message resonate with the people who aren’t turning out to vote, it has the benefit of being absolutely true. Social and economic mobility in America is disappearing along with the middle class.

Thus, the idea that Democrats should sell their souls to win an election by appealing to the worst humanity has to offer is not only morally repugnant, it both false and unnecessary to regain their footing.

So, tell me again why I should spend one moment of my energy, my time or my life giving a goddamned fuck about the feelings of self-destructive idiots, genocidal assholes, and robber-baron one-percenters?

I have no sympathy for the devil.

And neither should the Democratic Party.


Written by:  Jessica Earhart - "Queer woman with a flamethrower." 

Posted:  29 July 2017

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