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SUNDAY, NOV 16, 2016

By Ted Janney

Friends, I have been challenged by several people I love to "stop complaining and do something." I am asking that Congress demand that the president-elect recant all of his discriminatory statements made during the campaign. Since we have been told to give the president-elect a chance, I am determined to use the full extent of democracy to oppose the dangerous rhetoric of the election season. I have sent the following request to my US Representatives and both of my Senators. PLEASE make this or something better go viral. Democracy is founded on the people making their voices known.

Dear Representative [insert here],

I am writing today to express my desire for Congress to demand that the President-Elect recant his racially charged rhetoric of the past election cycle.

His statement that "many [Mexicans] are rapists and murderers" is a violation of the Sixth Amendment, which guarantees that American citizens have a trial by jury of their peers. Since many of the children of allegedly illegal immigrants are native-born citizens of the United States due to birth in the United States, these statements violated their constitutional rights. Furthermore, there was no right to counsel and there was no ability to question witnesses. Although a private citizen can say what the President-elect said, the office of the president cannot be affiliated with someone who has made statements that violate the constitutional rights of US citizens.

The president-elect's repeated harassment of journalists, including his expulsion of a journalist from a campaign stop for asking an "impertinent" question, would be a violation of the First Amendment if done while acting as president. The president-elect has announced an intention to limit freedom of the press while campaigning. He has threatened to sue the leading daily of this country. All of these scandals cannot be affiliated with the office of the president of the United States. Further documentation can be found here:…/cpj-chairman-says-trump-is-threat-to-pres…

These constitutional violations lead to the emboldening of dictators abroad. The United States is the oldest modern democracy and the most powerful. Democratic protections exist on the power of US influence. Therefore, I am requesting that Congress take the following actions:

Hold a hearing before the Inauguration to determine the constitutional views of the President-Elect, Donald J. Trump and ensure he is capable of defending, protecting and upholding the Constitution of the United States.

Announce the determination of the Congress of the United States to defend, protect and uphold the Constitution.

Pass a resolution officially condemning the deprivation of Mexican-Americans of due process rights and the threatening of journalists.

Reassure Mexican-Americans, Muslim-Americans, LGBTQ+ Americans, women, the disabled and every other group targeted by the president-elect during his campaign that they will receive equal constitutional protections during the administration of Donald J. Trump.

Pass a resolution calling for Donald J. Trump to recant the statements and incidents listed above.

Thank you. This is also being posted on Facebook.

Ted Janney, Jr.

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