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Chuck Todd Gifts GOP Senator Air Time To Push Lies That Trump Campaign Was 'Spied On'

While Chuck Todd was correct to point out that what the Trump campaign and their lawyers have been doing over the last few weeks does basically amount to an assault on our democracy, he allowed something just as dangerous to go on during his interview with North Dakota GOP Sen. Kevin Cramer, which was to allow Cramer to push disproven lies and conspiracy theories on our airways unchecked. During an interview on this Sunday's Meet the Press, Todd asked Cramer if he was willing to concede that the election is finally over now, and Cramer proceeded to throw cold water on the notion that what Giuliani and his colleagues have been doing is damaging to our democracy, and to push the lie that the Trump campaign was spied on, which the DOJ's own watchdog and the FBI have already shot down as false. Cramer was also allowed to lie about the Mueller investigation, claiming falsely that there was "no evidence" for the investigation and ignoring that Rod Rosenstein prevented Mueller from looking into Trump's ties with Russia.

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