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Is Trump Hiring The Entire Fox 'News' Team? UPDATED

Donald Trump has always made his feelings known about Fox News. The only time he got angry at them was because Megyn Kelly dared to ask him a question about his sordid history on women. Outside of that, Fox News became his safe haven for many months and refused to do interviews on other TV networks. We've also learned from Megyn Kelly that some interviews were coordinated with Trump to make them appear tough. We've also seen how Fox News influences Donald Trump, like his reaction to their flag burning story in a MA college. But I doubt many people realized that after Trump won the election, he'd start hiring as many Fox News personalities as possible and at the very least, put them in contention for many prized posts within his administration. "Sucking up," is a new requirement for a job in a Trump White House. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow did a segment highlighting these facts Tuesday night.

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