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Fired Arizona Social Services Chief Had Own Police Force, Armory

Wait until you read about this Arizona Republican who until recently was the head of the Arizona Department of Economic Security. Timothy Jeffries allegedly did the following: Engaged in mass firings at DES, calling managers he didn't like "bullies" and encouraging other people in his department to "exit" staff that didn't toe his line. Fired those employees only after "persuading" them to relinquish their state job protections. Created a 'no-hire list' to keep his enemies from getting other state jobs. Held a staff party at which Jeffries used state money to pay for alcohol for employees, allegedly during work hours. Gave a no-bid consulting contract to a personal friend without review. AZ Central adds: Critics also said Jeffries pushed the limits by having his public-relations staff produce "mojo" videos of him that he sent frequently via email to DES employees, whose computers were programmed to not function until the entire video was watched, according to DES employees and a contractor who said he programmed the video player. He also sent out emails to DES staff that promoted his faith and political views. Here's more on the pushing his religion thing:

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