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Blue America 'Punches' Republicans On The Street. Won't You Help?

Nothing like taking it to the streets with a message that gets out the vote and pounds the opposition. Today at 10 AM our first mobile billboard truck rolled down the road into NH-01 as the driver made his way to Nashua. We have four of them starting this week, spread out across the country. The truck for Carol Shea-Porter officially started in Nashua, New Hampshire this morning. The driver told me he's spending most of the day in the Merrimack, most of tomorrow in Bedford. Thursday will be Goffstown day and Friday will be his first day in Manchester. And he trucks around on weekends too-- Hookset and Laconia this weekend, for example... Dover and Durham next weekend. Rockingham County includes 36% of the voters in Carol's district and our truck will spend 7 full days there. And 5 days in Himmsborough County, where 26% of the NH-01 voters live, 4 days in Stafford County, where 19% of the voters live, even a couple days in Belnap County (9% of the voters), etc. This map shows where the truck's driver will concentrate most of his time:

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