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The Prevalence Of Gender And Sex In Trump's Candidacy

Donald Trump is all over the map like a cornered rat. Snarling, baring his teeth, threatening, mean, preparing for a last fight, his goal of winning focused on a different victory, his pride inflated by declaring his failure a win (his boast: "I am the greatest victim of corruption in our political history"), the smooth taste of his lies gains applause; women at his rallies wear t-shirts that say "grab it," his biggest recent political success has been to get crowds to scream wildly, "lock her up," as signs in the background say "blacks for Trump." He openly admits eyeballing Hillary. He is sick in ways incurable and unsuitable for someone who would be President. Having beat 17 Republican contenders in the primaries, in the end, he can't get past himself. He is more than flawed; he is defective. Trump's Sexual Attitudes Are A Path To Regression Abraham Lincoln laughed when he heard the South was enscripting slaves to fight; he noted this meant the Confederate battle capacity was nearing its end. Laughter, thoughtful laughter, must meet Donald Trump's latest megalomanical declaration that his electoral loss will reveal the power of corruption--that his rejection means the system is rigged! Funny, Donald!

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