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Yes, I'm angry. Pissed. Livid. And yes, at pretty much everyone

I’ve been waiting to see if these feelings would subside in the weeks after the election, but they won’t. If I was a Jedi Knight, I’d be a Sith Lord today, because I feel the hatred flowing through me. But contrary to Star Wars lore, I’ve decided it’s not a bad thing. Personally, it’s given me clarity of purpose—the likes of which I haven’t had in years. I wasn’t looking forward to spending all next year hearing whines about “Neoliberal Clinton has sold us out again!” Now it’s clear who the enemy is, and this community, for better or for worse, will know it as well. Also, one only has to look at the GOP to see how unbridled hatred served them well over the last eight years. The American electorate doesn’t reward temperance, prudence, and “going high." Quite the opposite, in fact. 

But, I do feel that I can’t move forward without laying out all the things I’m angry at. Chances are, you’ll fall into some of these categories, and for that I apologize in advance. I’m not looking to target anyone, just being open and honest about my feelings because yes, I’m human. And yes, I haven’t slept well over the last three weeks, waking up at 3 AM with my brain screaming “PRESIDENT TRUMP!” And yes, part of my coming to terms with the election results is laying out what I think went wrong, and letting you guys agree or disagree as you see fit. So here it goes—the post that I should’ve deleted instead of published:

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